Telemedicine / Concierge

Concierge and Telemedicine Services Coming Soon

Remote healthcare services and technology are quickly becoming commonplace for healthcare organizations across the globe.

Telemedicine enables practitioners to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients remotely using the latest telecommunications technology. In many situations, telemedicine offers numerous benefits as an alternative to traditional in-person medical care, including:

  • Many patients find it difficult to travel to clinics, hospitals, or doctors’ offices for any number of reasons. Telemedicine can be a great option for patients with unique challenges or in situations making it difficult to travel to receive traditional care.
  • By using video conferencing and other telemedicine technology when applicable, healthcare practitioners and patients can reduce the costs associated with regular office visits.
  • Remote medical technology is an increasingly popular way to administer preventive medicine and manage chronic conditions.
  • Telemedicine can be used to monitor discharged patients and track patient recovery, facilitating communication between doctors and patients.
  • Research shows that the use of telehealth technologies results in many positive outcomes including fewer hospital re-admissions, more faithful following of prescribed courses of treatment, and faster recovery than that of patients not receiving remote intervention.
  • Telemedicine allows hospitals to create networks to provide each other with support. By easily sharing their expertise outside their own institutions, doctors can offer incredible value to their medical colleagues and those colleagues’ patients.

These are just a few of the benefits that can be realized from the use of telemedicine.